How an Attitude Adjustment Helped Me Book a National Commercial

Yesterday I filmed a national commercial that I was this close to not booking, simply because I almost didn’t attend the audition. I was frustrated with “cattle call” auditions and let my negative self-talk get the best of me, focusing on how the odds were against me.

Thank goodness for my closest peeps who encouraged me to change my attitude and go anyway. My 2.5 year old niece saying "change your tude!" was too cute not to listen to. So not only did I go, I rocked that audition and booked the job!


But often we rock that {insert blank} and don’t get the outcome we want. This is when our confidence, attitude and work ethic are tested most. It takes a great deal of faith to stay positive and move forward when we don’t know if/when we will ever get the outcome we want.

Certainly destiny plays a huge part in the outcome--which we cannot control, but rather must surrender to. However, our actions play a part too. The odds become much more in our favor when we choose to show up with a good attitude... every. single. time.

One of my acting teachers told me:

"90% of success is just showing up!"

And, I couldn't agree more. If you show up, do the work and are constantly bettering yourself, things fall into place. The competition pool becomes much smaller at the top because most people don't take the time to climb there.

So fellow #GirlBoss, here is to persistence, showing up and positive attitudes! Arguably they are the key ingredients in the recipe for success.

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