Kelly Clarkson Fat-Shaming: 4 Reasons This Is Not Okay

Kelly Clarkson is the latest victim of fat-shaming. Many people have scrutinized her post-baby bod, the most recent being Fox anchor Chris Wallace while on The Mike Gallagher Show on Friday. Wallace said she "could stay off the deep dish pizza for a little while." He has since apologized.

Body-shaming happens all the time, just with different people and different shamers. Not only is it downright mean to the person being shamed, it also strengthens the false message society sends that a woman's value first and foremost lies in her appearance.

Here are 4 reasons fat-shaming Kelly Clarkson (or anyone) is not okay:

1) Weight is not always an indicator of someone's health.

Everyone has a different metabolism, partially because of genetics. So a person may actually make healthy choices but not appear to be what someone else considers a healthy weight. Unless we know a variety of facts like the person's blood pressure and cholesterol levels, we don't have the ability to judge whether that person is healthy or not.

2) It's none of anyone's damn business.

Here's a thought: why don't we focus on our own weaknesses, not what we perceive to be the weaknesses of others. We all have our own flaws, and yes, it's a lot easier to scrutinize others, but it's more rewarding to use that energy to improve ourselves instead. Nobody knows what Kelly Clarkson does behind closed doors, but we know what we do. So let's focus on that.

3) If someone has a problem, this is not the way to help them.

Yes, reality is there are individuals who are unhealthily obese or have eating disorders. Again, we don't know for sure who these people are just by looking at them, but regardless, the bottom line is this: shaming them won't make things better. These people need compassion, support and ultimately professional help.

4) We should celebrate how beautiful women's bodies are.

Kelly Clarkson's body just performed a miracle 9 months ago, creating and giving birth to a human--and we're focusing on her weight? That's absurd to me. Let's celebrate the beautiful aspects of women's bodies and how they're uniquely made.

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