VIDEO: How to Confidently Network Face-to-Face

Alex Wehrley - blog - 2
Hey guys! So I go to networking events and meetings all the time--it's part of being in the entertainment business. When it comes to building new contacts, I've flopped at times and flourished at others. Today I felt inspired to share with you what's worked for me in these settings.

I'd encourage you to watch my video for some juicy details (and some laughs!), but my suggestions can be summed up into 5 points:

1) Treat everyone as your equal.
Don't act like you're better than anyone; and don't act like their biggest fan.

2) Be confident and concise.
You should always be prepared with a quick, conversational 2-3 minute summary of what you do.

3) Know what you want.
Don't be too general. Being specific allows them to brainstorm how you two could work together.

4) Go beyond the professional.
Instead of being a walking and talking resume, find a personal commonality or tell a funny story.

5) Make it more about them.
It's tempting to think through the filter of "how can they help me". Instead, do the opposite. How can you help them?

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