VIDEO: How to Calm Your Nerves In Front of a Crowd

I've been TV hosting for 5 years now, and I still get the jitters during my preparations, but I can't remember the last time I was debilitatingly nervous. That is, until two weeks ago, when I was preparing to co-host Miss USA.

This high profile show had a lot of fans and haters, adding up to a big audience. Plus, this is the type of show where if you screw up badly enough, you can go viral! Those were all the negative things I was telling myself at least.

Luckily, I've learned a few things over the years that helped me kick those nerves to the curb and get back to my calm & confident self!

I break it all down in this video:


Don't have time to watch? Here's the summary:

1) Affirmations

Affirmations help us focus on the positive. Our mind is very powerful and starts to believe what we tell it--good or bad. By telling it an empowering thought, this is what we will believe and manifest.

I like these two affirmations I found in Gabrielle Bernstein's book, May Cause Miracles:

-I'm willing to see this differently. I'm willing to see love.
-I'm willing to let go of self-doubt. I surrender to self-love.

2) Breath deeply

Deep diaphragm (low belly) breaths are everything! I inhaled for 4 seconds & exhaled for 4 seconds for about an hour, with a few breaks, leading up to the Miss USA telecast! It chilled me out big time.

3) Perspective change

When you're speaking in front of a crowd, picture the individuals versus lumping them together as this big abstract crowd. Also, don't make the event so big in your head. Yes, it's important, but it's not life or death. The worst that can happen is not that bad, right? Finally, take the attention off of you, and make other things (the people you're speaking to, the subject matter, etc.) the stars of the show! It really takes the pressure off.

You've got this beauty! Best of luck!!



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