Confidence On-Camera: Practice, Practice, Practice!

confidence on camera 2
Do you want to promote your business, talent or opinions via video but have fear holding you back? If so, this post is for you!

Let's get started. The #1 way to feel confident on-camera is through practice, practice, practice! Because first of all, if you practice and watch yourself back, you'll become better. But also, the more you do it, the less unknowns, and the more comfortable you'll become.

If you're anything like me, watching yourself back in the beginning may ignite all these mean voices in your head you had no idea even existed. Just know, you're not nearly as bad as you think you are. We are our worst critic, and the majority of the time others are not noticing the negative things we are noticing about ourselves.

Also, give yourself some grace. Nobody starts off amazing on-camera. Sure people begin with a certain amount of potential. But I promise you: anyone you admire who is on-camera was once green too, and it's been the practice and time they've put in that has led to their outstanding talent.

During my 1st year as a TV host, I made some infamous mistakes, like saying "six o'tit" instead of "six o'clock." Sigh. Happy to report, after putting in the time, I don't make rookie mistakes like that anymore 🙂

Your assignment:
This week I want you to put yourself on-camera twice, watch yourself back and take notes. If you're already doing videos on social media, by all means, do the videos in front of a crowd. If you're just starting out, you might want to video tape yourself on your phone and not share your work until you've built a little more confidence.

The point of this exercise is to get familiar with what you're working with.

We cannot change what we are not aware of.

You can do the two videos back to back or spread them out.

Here is what I want you to look out for each time:
-Are you talking too fast or too slow?
-What is your tone like? Spoiler alert: It should sound like you’re talking to a human!
-Do you have any nervous habits? Like saying "umm" too much or fidgeting.
-What does your appearance look like? Are your clothes, posture, hair or makeup distracting?
-What does your mood look like? Are you smiling? Making eye-contact with eye of camera?

Take your notes from the 1st video and try to improve during the 2nd video. Celebrate any progress you've made with a fun treat.... ice cream is my go-to 🙂

Okay, you got this! Good luck and let me know how it goes!



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