Celeb ‘Body Positivity’ Is Taking Over!

I adored all the body positivity circulating my social media feeds over the past couple weeks. It started with Amy Schumer’s HBO Comedy Special. I’m not sure if I love the new queen of comedy more for the laughs or for our shared obsession with food. She joked that she came out of the womb saying “Give me linguine, ma!” This obsession, however, was not part of her Hollywood fitness trainer’s routine, required for her Trainwreck role. She talked about being asked to eat less saying, “That’s the Hollywood secret, I found out. They don’t put food in their faces”... and then made it clear that wasn’t an option for her.

Kate Winslet is saying no to photoshopping for the best reason ever!
According to E! News, the A-lister negotiated in her L’Oréal contract that there would be zero retouching of her Lancôme ads moving forward. She is embracing her natural aging to be a good role model saying:

"I do think we have a responsibility to the younger generation of women.”

All I know is, it doesn’t matter how many wrinkles appear in Kate Winslet’s ads, she will always be young Rose from Titanic to me.

Actress and singer, Zendaya, also speaks out against photoshopping -- this time on Instagram.
The already thin framed 19-year-old was made to look even thinner in fashion magazine, Modeliste. Since she stands for “honest and pure self love,” the wise teen not only posted the original pic and airbrushed pic side-by-side, she also asked Modeliste to fix the retouched issue, and they agreed. Similar to Kate, Zendaya’s motivated by setting a good example saying:

“These are the things that make women self-conscious, that create the unrealistic ideals of beauty that we have.”

Jessie Decker also takes to Instagram to set the self-image record straight.
The singer-songwriter, wife to NY Jets wide receiver, Eric Decker, and mama to two, bares her belly with a “c-section scar and pooch.” After receiving “sweet comments about how tiny” she looked, she wanted to make sure her fellow IG mommys knew what was hiding beneath her “tank top and blazer.” She then encouraged the moms to “stick together and help each other out.” #WomenSupportingWomen

Lastly, James Bond (yes you read that right!) is standing up in support of a female co-star.
NEW- monica-bellucci-01
007 actor Daniel Craig, 47, was asked in an interview with The Red Bulletin about "succumbing to the charms of an older woman,” referring to Monica Bellucci, 51, aka the newest bond girl (or ‘woman’ as she prefers). Craig’s answer was perfection saying:

"I think you mean the charms of a woman his own age… We’re talking about Monica Bellucci, for heaven’s sake. When someone like that wants to be a Bond girl, you just count yourself lucky!"

I agree, she is beautiful. Plus, considering bond girls are usually a couple decades in the other direction, this change is refreshing.

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