Carrie Fisher Breaks Hollywood Age Norms (via HerDaily)

Hi #Empoweristas! As many of you know, I create weekly video segments for, featuring women breaking barriers in their field or standing up for a cause that empowers women.

This week I featured Carrie Fisher who played Princess Leia on the big screen 32 years ago. Now the 59-year-old actress is reprising the role, returning as General Leia, when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters December 18th. Not only is the famous franchise going against Hollywood age norms, embracing the iconic character's natural aging, Carrie Fisher is also opening up about the topic on her own. The actress turned writer reveals the difficulties of being a female actor, especially over age 30, in this industry. She also discusses wearing very little makeup and losing more than 35 lbs. for the new Star Wars film.

Watch the full HerDaily story here:

#Empowerista: Carrie Fisher & "The Force... by herdaily

I also dive into the typical Hollywood age gap seen in movies like The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle.

For example, Graphjoy took a look at 400 films from the past 35 years featuring the top 20 male actors. There was a 10 or more year age difference between the actor and his female love interest in 35% of the films. And less than 1% featured a female older than her male partner.

Thanks to films like Star Wars, we are slowly but surely making progress in celebrating women above 30.