#SmartGirlsAsk Changes Red Carpet for Women

The push to #AskHerMore on the red carpet is back and bigger than ever!

In case you missed it, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Organization took the #AskHerMore campaign to a new level with their complementary #SmartGirlsAsk.

#Empowerista: #SmartGirlsAsk Changes Red Carpet... by herdaily

The trending movement gained momentum at the Golden Globes and is expected to continue growing throughout the award show season.

You may recall, the 2015 Oscars gave birth to #AskHerMore, which promotes a movement to ask females on the red carpet more in-depth questions, just like the ones their male counterparts get. Prior to this push, reporters often stuck to subjects limited to female stars’ appearances.

Well the campaign to change the red carpet culture took off thanks to celebrities and fans tweeting out the hashtag. Now #SmartGirlsAsk sets up shop at award shows to ask women the questions they deserve.

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