Aerie Ad Broadens Beauty Ideal


American Eagle’s intimates line, Aerie, breaks the advertising norm by saying bye to photoshop, and hi to a self-proclaimed curve model.

With fashion ads historically thriving off of unrealistic aspiration, the message of celebrating your real beauty is rare.

According to the University of Texas at Austin the average U.S. model is a size 0 or 00 and between the ages of 14 & 19. Aka they often aren’t even full grown women yet, making it really hard for shoppers to be genetically capable of achieving this beauty ideal.  So it’s not a surprise many studies claim viewing these unrealistic images has a correlation with body dissatisfaction and even eating disorders.

That’s all the more reason to love what the #AerieReal campaign stands for. Aerie for American Eagle is one of the first mainstream brands to opt out of retouching their ads -- and now they’re strengthening their message by featuring Barbie Ferreira, a size 12 model.

The video teaser of Aerie’s latest ad, featuring Barbie, is everything you’d want it to be: motivational, strong, real, and of course, beautiful.

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