How to Get Out of These Common Funks


Hi Empowerista!

Getting in a funk is normal. I call this common occurrence "Wednesday". That seems to be the day of the week a funk hits me.

If you can relate, breath easy knowing you're not alone. But also challenge yourself to get out of it.

Successful people get in funks - they just don't stay stuck in them.

Here are three common reasons Empoweristas get in funks and how to get out of them.

1) Simply getting started

We have this gap between where we are and where we want to be.

Looking at the distance between the two is so overwhelming sometimes, we don't even want to start.

We're so focused on the destination, the seemingly long journey doesn't seem fun... or maybe even worth it.

First of all, pick a journey you're going to enjoy. Because reality check: it's always a journey. We never really arrive. Once we meet one goal, we create a new bigger one.

Also, keep in mind: small steps lead to big changes. You may not see those changes in one day, one week or maybe even one month. But if you keep up with the small steps for a few months, I guarantee you will have tangible results to celebrate.

So change your attitude. The gap is much smaller than you think when you take the first steps. Even baby steps.

2) Perfectionism

Whew, this is a big one for me!

Sometimes we get so caught up in doing one step perfectly that we never move on to the next step.

It's good we have high standards -- this serves us well in both our work and life. But when those high standards take over steps with low stakes, we're slowing ourselves down.

For example, too often I find myself triple checking an email before I send it to make sure it sounds perfect and has no grammatical errors. Let's be honest, one look over is enough. If it has a minor flaw, the person reading likely won't notice.

Give yourself a deadline. Wherever the task is when you reach that deadline, move on. If it's small like sending an email, send it. If it's bigger, like creating your website, let it breath where it's at for awhile and then come back to it. If we spend too much time on one thing, we're neglecting other important steps we need to take too.

3) Doubting ourselves

Doubt is an internal conflict telling us we are not enough.

It can be triggered when we compare ourselves to others; when someone else seemingly doubt us; and when we're fearful of what we truly want.

When we doubt ourselves, we start to slow down. Our drive takes a hit. "After all, why should I work for something I am not capable of achieving?"

First of all, own it girlfriend!

You were put on this earth for a purpose. Nobody but you and your higher being truly knows what that purpose is.

Don't play small so someone else feels big. Be okay with not everyone agreeing with or even believing in you. Accept it. You don't need them in order to be successful.

Also, don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20. They were exactly where you are probably not so terribly long ago. Be inspired by them. Look at the large accomplishments they've achieved thanks to willingly taking the small steps needed to get there.



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