How to Spring Clean Your Career

Hi Empowerista!

Last week I was in Oklahoma City emceeing and speaking at #EpicCon2016. Let’s just say the conference lived up to its name. It. Was. Epic.

I learned from some amazing thought leaders and left feeling super inspired and… tired. Sigh. I’ve been on-the-go a lot lately (for some really amazing opportunities!). When I had a chance to take a breather, I realized what would serve me most this week is to slow down. Reset. Spring clean my career if you will.

Sometimes slowing down is the action step we need most.

I used to think taking action on my career could only be measured by checks cashed and checking off my to-do list. These are super important measurements, but they’re inconclusive. Since we’re creating a career and life we love and deserve, checking in with our infrastructure once and awhile is so important.

Here are the four ways I've spring cleaned my career for greater purpose and productivity that I encourage you to try too:
1) I organized my goals

Sometimes there is this struggle between what’s paying the bills and what we want to pay the bills. But if we only nourish what’s paying the bills, we’ll never get what we want to pay the bills to pay the bills. So this week I touched base with what I truly want… long term. What are my 3-5 year goals? Ask yourself this too.

I then took it one step further by putting all of my goals into Asana, a project management app. This allows me to list the necessary next steps to achieve these specific goals and make sure I’m not neglecting any of them.

2) I organized my projects

Part of achieving our specific goals means saying “no”. This is a new thing for me. Right out of college when I wasn’t clear on exactly what I wanted to do, I was a “yes” person. This served me really well for this time of my life. I discovered what I do and don’t like and got priceless experience to boost my marketability. But times have changed. Now I know what I want and like, and I have the experience to back it up. So unless a coffee date, side project or new service directly helps my goals and/or or happiness, I’m saying “no” or in some cases “goodbye” to them.

3) I organized my money

I’m not a fan of filing taxes. I did the inevitable task earlier this week and was looking for 1099’s, W-2’s and all my receipts up until I walked out the door to my appointment with my accountant. I know. This is a terrible way to do it. So terrible I decided to put an end to it now. Literally last night I downloaded QuickBooks -- an app to organize your payments, expenses, invoices, budget, etc. No they don’t pay me for this. I’m simply someone in dire need of their services. I also hear Mint, a lighter version of the same thing, is great too. And it’s free. QuickBooks has a small monthly fee. Anyway, organizing my money is now as easy as clicking… or taking a photo of a receipt. It further confirmed how much time and energy I had been wasting trying to organize my money the long, old-fashioned way. Now I have extra time and energy to put toward my goals.

4) I organized my files

Up until last month, you couldn’t see the lovely photo of two of my best friends and me on my desktop because it was covered with random docs and pics... Random docs and pics I wasted time looking for all the time. So I took the advice of Amy Porterfield, an online marketing genius, and organized all my files in Google Drive. Some people prefer Dropbox. Could this technically be done through folders on my computer? Yes. BUT, those folders can’t be accessed from my iPhone or iPad or iTouch. Just kidding. Who has an iTouch anymore? Lol. But really, create lots of folders within Google Drive or Dropbox so you know where everything is… exactly when you need it.

To easily incorporate these steps into your career spring cleaning, download the FREE checklist below!

Happy spring cleaning!!



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