How to build a following being you


Hi Empowerista!

Building a following (online or in person) comes down to: simply being you. How freeing and empowering is that?!

I know, I know, easier said than done....

When it comes to people we don't know, we have a tendency to hide our authentic self. We're afraid of offending someone or being judged.

But the world needs what you have to offer, whether that be your stories, knowledge or silly sense of humor. So this post is all about coming out of your shell and fearlessly being you

Think of one of your best friends. What is it that you love about him or her? Each best friend will have unique strengths but I bet, on the most basic level, most of our best friends have these three qualities.

1) They are authentic, real people who speak and write in a conversational way.

2) They are approachable, meaning they have real experiences people can relate to and connect with.

3) They are audacious with real opinions, values and beliefs.

I like to call them the 3 A's.

So liking someone we don't know is much like liking someone we do know.

Most celebrities get this. Think about Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lawrence for instance. One of the reasons so many (myself included!) love them so much is they make us want to be their best friend.

Taylor does #1 and #2 really well. Through her music, she gives us insight into her break ups, insecurities, triumphs, etc. We feel like we know her.

Jennifer Lawrence nails them all, but is especially a rockstar at #3. She isn't afraid to take an unfiltered, bold stance on what she believes -- like when she wrote an entire essay about her opposition to the Hollywood gender wage gap.

Note: neither of these women portrays perfection. We love them just as much for their weaknesses (ahem... like when J-Law fell at the Oscars twice) as we do for their strengths.

By expressing the 3 A's, are you going to isolate a few people who don't agree with your real humanity, experiences and opinions? Of course. This is a given. Not everyone needs us; nor do we need everyone. Accept it.

On the flip side, if you don't express the 3 A's, you won't be able to positively influence the hundreds, thousands or maybe even millions of people who do need what you have to offer.

Attracting a tribe that appreciates and is moved by your truest self is super empowering.

So where do you start?

Ask yourself these two questions and do a post on at least one of them....

1) What is a real experience I've had or am having related to my message and mission that I feel comfortable sharing?

(Note: this can be a huge life-changing experience or something extremely small like the difficulty of choosing between Cheerios or Fruit Loops.)

2) What is an opinion, value or belief I have that is relevant to my message or mission that I feel comfortable sharing?

(Again this could be ranging from a deep political belief or your thoughts on the man bun.)

Because I know Empoweristas can be shy when it comes to sharing personal information online, let me add this. Only cover territory you feel comfortable with, but also don't be afraid to make the uncomfortable, well, comfortable. What I mean is: if you have this deep down desire to share something but you're simply scared because of things out of your control, like being judged, maybe take a note from Nike and... Just do it.

You've got this girl! Let me know how it goes 🙂