Overcoming a quarter life crisis (with You & Lu Blogger)


I’m beyond excited to officially kick off my #Empowerista video series, in collaboration with Focus Magazine! In our first episode (watch below!), I interview the inspirational lifestyle blogger behind You & Lu, Lauren Gores Ireland. Between being a Midwesterner turned Angeleno, former morning news anchor and quarter life crisis survivor, she and I had a lot in common.

For the first year, Lauren simply blogged as a hobby. She encourages anyone with a desire to pursue a dream to simply start with small steps. Although she works almost every day and admits setting her phone down for 20 minutes is a big and rare thing, she still practices what she preaches by celebrating life herself. When she did a collaboration with Harper's Bazaar, her go-to celebration was a cupcake and glass of champagne.

When we talked about her success secrets, she quickly admitted there are "roadblocks" and she feels like she’s “going insane” at times. In these times, she says “you just have to keep going.”

She lives by the motto: “love the process over the plan.”

As a former news anchor (and Oprah wannabe) turned blogger, she believes it's okay to change your mind. That's exactly what she did, when she saw technology changing and more unconventional ways to reach people.

Switching paths was the culprit to her quarter life crisis. She explained you can feel like you failed when you start over but went on to realize: “Just because you changed your path, doesn’t mean you gave up.” She recognized there was something new and beautiful out there to develop and is very happy she took action on this discovery.

Her #1 piece of advice is: “Be willing to take the risk.” Whether it's "wildly successful" or not, she says it's worth it. Ultimately she encourages everyone to “face your fears” which she says leads to empowerment and personal freedom.

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