Turning Pain into Purpose, Rachel McCord


Rachel McCord, the founder of The McCord List, first moved to Los Angeles to support her TV star sister, AnnaLynne McCord. After battling with depression during her early Hollywood years, Rachel decided to: no longer see herself as a victim, surround herself with empowering people, and turn her pain into her purpose. Thanks to her new mindset, deep desire to make an impact and the positive influence her now-husband, who launches brands, had on her -- The McCord List was born. Now Rachel is living a fabulous life and teaching others how to do the same, through her blog, events and influencer-brand collaborations.

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Rachel believes fabulousness is "living life to the full wherever you're at."

She says life is such a gift, and gratitude can help take away the pressure of comparing ourselves to other people.

She overcame depression after deciding to love herself as the miracle she is, and we all are.

Choosing to grow was a crucial step for her. She explained, if you don't, you'll go on to hurt people. "Hurt people hurt people." It's important to choose to grow for your future loved ones, and most importantly, yourself.

She suggests making a decision to not be a victim and taking charge of your life. She went on to tell me: we have 60,000 thoughts every day, and we're not a slave to them. When we do have a negative thought, we can choose to think something different and more positive instead.


"Respect yourself for the power you have."

Rachel credits her strong support system, faith, meditation, affirmations and the book
You Can Heal Your Life as some of the factors helping her turn her pain into purpose.

"If you can't find a way to bring purpose to your pain, you'll never heal." She encourages everyone to make a difference with whatever they've been through. Even if you haven't been through anything difficult, she says you can be an example of what a fabulous life looks like.

Being in touch with her purpose is reflected in her business, The McCord List. When it comes to building your brand, she suggests becoming clear about who you are and what you want to be known for. A common Hollywood struggle she sees is: celebs creating a sellable brand that doesn't reflect who they are. They make a lot of money, but then they aren't satisfied and have a far fall from the pedestal they were put on.

She says have someone be a sounding board (mentor, family member or friend) who really knows you and can give you feedback.

Her definition of empowerment is looking at what's right with others and yourself and pouring into that.

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