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Hi Empowerista!

I love sharing what being an Empowerista is to me - but now I want to hear from YOU!

It's your opportunity to tell us why you're an Empowerista (on video!) for the chance to:

1) Be featured on my social media and get in front of more than 60,000 #Empoweristas.*
2) Be nominated for an Empowerista Award!** In case you missed it: I'm hosting the 2016 Empowerista Awards this winter (date TBD) in Hollywood - broadcasted live on FilmOn TV. It will be a fun night of celebrating empowered women!
3) Inspire and empower other women.... the best reason of them all 🙂

Instructions for video:
-Make the length anywhere from 5 seconds to 1 minute
-Begin the video with "I'm an Empowerista because..... " then fill in the blank
-Post on Instagram and/or Twitter
-Use the hashtag: #empowerista

Pro tips (to increase your chances of being featured!):
-Use empowering language - basically words that are one or more of the following: confident, purposeful, vulnerable, positive, ambitious, courageous, supportive, empowered, etc.
-Use your phone, if you don't have a nice camera. As long as it's not distracting - don't sweat the production value. That's not what we're looking for!
-With that said: we must see your face and hear your voice! So good lighting is helpful (face the sun or light toward you, so it hits your face). Also, minimize the background noise.
-Don't be afraid to be specific! Do you have an example, fact, story, visual, etc. that's unique to your empowerment? Share it!
-Be intentional about your background! Does it represent you? If you're a casual person, perhaps sit on your couch. If you're outdoor-sy (100% made up), perhaps be on the beach or by a tree. If you're a yoga instructor, perhaps be on your mat. If no location is coming to mind that represents you - a solid color wall always works 🙂

Examples of what someone could say:
"I'm an Empowerista because.... I faced my fear and moved to Los Angeles to tell empowering stories about women."

"I'm an Empowerista because... I'm the only female chef in my hometown."

"I'm an Empowerista because... I overcame bullying in high school and feel comfortable in my own skin. I no longer let others' opinions of me hold me back."

"I'm an Empowerista because... I work hard every day to end domestic violence, which affects 1 in 4 women in the United States."

"I'm an Empowerista because.... I'm living my dream as a yoga instructor. I love helping others find inner peace and confidence. Namaste!"

Example in video format:

(Again, no need to have the fancy camera, background, etc. A selfie video is just fine!)

Most importantly, don't forget to have fun!!!

Can't wait to see what being an Empowerista means to you!!



*We won't be able to feature everyone, but we will certainly try!! Follow our instructions to significantly increase your chances of being featured.
**Anyone who creates a video and uses #empowerista will be considered for a nomination. Ultimately, it's up to our judging panel to decide who it comes down to.

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