Women Empowering Women (Plus, Collab w/ GirlTalk)


It boggles my mind when I see the media and some times individuals pitting women against each other.

This way of thinking and seeing the world is not only unproductive, it's simply a big fat lie.

It's rooted in the belief that life follows the zero sum rule, meaning if she wins, I lose. WRONG!

As someone who has been surrounded and built up by women in my childhood, dance classes, pageants, the newsroom, Hollywood and my business:

I'll gladly tell any naysayers, the success of women around you is not your failure; it's your ticket to success too. If she wins, you win. 

Hear me loud and clear, society... You need colleagues, cheerleaders, confidants, counselors and collaborators to move forward.  No one has achieved greatness on their own. You need other people (men and women) to get ahead.

I'm not saying it's bad to feel a little jealousy or even a healthy dose of competition with those in the same playing field. But I do suggest channeling those feelings into one of these three actions:

  1. Let her motivate you. When you find yourself jealous, comparing or competing with someone, simply observe and notice this is your inner self telling you... You really want this! So quit wasting time stalking her on the internet, stay in your lane, and get to work.
  2. Let her inspire you. Remember how I said the zero sum rule is a big fat lie? That means if she can find success, you can too! Maybe she has even paved the way or created an opportunity for you. If nothing else....please know: we live in an abundant world with no shortage of opportunities. Your opportunity may not have come yet. But it will.
  3. Collaborate with her. There are plenty of women who share the belief: we're stronger together than we are a part. This is the kind of woman you want to be, and these are the kind of women you want to collaborate with. Because more is more. Together you have more followers, more resources and more ideas.

Let me give you a perfect example of this, and the inspiration for this post. GirlTalk Network and #Empowerista have the same mission: to empower women. We both believe we are stronger together than we are a part. I reached out to GirlTalk's founder, Sarah Pendrick, to interview her for my interview series and she in return invited my partner at Focus Magazine and me to get involved with her Connect + Inspire event, which took place last Sunday at Tiato in Santa Monica.


GirlTalk Network's founder, Sarah Pendrick, is pictured to my right.


(Side note: I totally geeked out over my new #Empowerista mic flag! #ItsTheLittleThings)

Not only did I simply adore being a part of an empowered group of women amid a warm, fun and beautiful atmosphere, I also created a meaningful collaboration. I was exposed to her inspiring network and got to share their purposeful stories with mine. And hopefully this is just the beginning of a long-lasting, powerful relationship between #Empowerista and GirlTalk Network.

Psst... Here are more photos from GirlTalk's fabulous event. You MUST attend the next one! Stay tuned here.


The Bella Twins (keynote speakers) made it their mission to prove women are equal to men in wrestling. They are part of the reason the WWE now calls female wrestlers "Superstars" like their male counterparts, instead of their prior name "Divas."

Check out my interview with them. 


I absolutely adore this girl! Sarah Herron, who you may have seen on The Bachelor or Bachelor in Paradise, started the non-profit SheLift to empower and build the confidence of girls with physical disabilities. Connect + Inspire raised money for this cause.


Pop Sugar's Kirbie Johnson moderated this panel of empowered, successful and purposeful women... aka Empoweristas 🙂


Brilliant looking group... eh?


Did I mention there were Sprinkles cupcakes there too?! Such a dream event! Hope to see you at the next one. Xx.