Success Tip: Get Inspired


Now that I’ve interviewed dozens of Empoweristas, I’m able to pick up on several recurring themes. One of them is: it’s crucial to stay inspired. The motto “hustle as hard as you can handle” doesn’t always fit for these women.

Many of them believe:

Inspiration is the fuel for our creativity, positivity, motivation, productivity and so much more.

Here are four ways to stay inspired, straight from the brilliant minds of Empoweristas:

  1. Zen out

"I do Vedic meditation twice a day. Twenty minutes in the morning, and twenty minutes in the afternoon. And ultimately to take those forty minutes a day makes me so much more productive and so much more clear and so much more rested that it's silly for me not to."

-Gianna Wurzl, Co-Founder of One Roof Co-Working


I lost count of all the successful women I’ve interviewed who have shared they meditate regularly. And if they don’t meditate, they likely have another method to calm their mind and gain clarity about their purposeful path. From prayer to yoga to journaling to even using a foam roller in the morning -- these women know you often need to slow down in order to speed up. Many of them explain this helps them stay more inspired and productive throughout their day, more than making up for their allotted zen time. At the end of the day, our journey is meant to be enjoyed. Otherwise, what is the point, right?

  1. Be nice to yourself

“I’m not beautiful like you. I’m beautiful like me.”

-Rachael McCrary, Jewel Toned CEO


Like everyone else, these women also have fear, doubts and anxieties about their often challenging and unpredictable path. The reason why they rise above the masses in their respective fields is: they know how to deal with these emotions in a healthy way and keep them in check. Several Empoweristas explained if they’re thinking a negative thought, they will replace it with a positive one.


I often ask these women what their #1 piece of advice is to women a few steps behind them, and so many of them have said: “you need to believe in yourself.” Sometimes it’s not the most talented person, but rather the most confident person who excels the most.


  1. Express yourself

"You have to ask yourself: what fills my soul that I have not been doing? Because we are so hyperfocused on getting the money, getting the job, getting the boyfriend... And it's like, go play and all those things will magically appear."

-Coach Yari, Founder of The SoulBody Method


These women are dynamic with full lives. They don’t just eat, sleep and work. They have hobbies, families and many life experiences. Sometimes testing out a creative idea or coming up with a solution for a problem they found while living life has resulted in their brilliant business. Other times this sense of play, creativity or expression is simply the fuel that keeps them going on the right path for them.

  1. Let others inspire you

"Women are so powerful on their own but when we come together it's magical... Because we are so powerful as women and we can do anything, when we're not supporting each other, I feel like it creates insecurities, it creates hate, it creates competition... that's unneeded."

-Sarah Pendrick, GirlTalk Network Founder


These women believe we’re stronger together than we are a part. They know someone else’s success doesn’t equal their failure. There are plenty of opportunities to go around, and no one has achieved greatness on their own. They realize they’re more likely to move forward if they are a part of a supportive network. And if someone in their network isn’t supportive, they often remove them from their lives.

Empoweristas surround themselves with like-minded peers who are positive, motivated and big-thinkers. And these peer relationships often turn into meaningful collaborations. They also have mentors to learn from, ask for help and get encouragement. It’s not that these women never feel a little jealous or even competitive, they’re simply able to channel these feelings into inspiration and motivation.

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