Five Hidden Opportunities for Greater Success


Your entire life you’ve likely been surrounded by people who have adopted the traditional mindset of success, work and making money.

They believe…

Success = titles, accomplishments and raises

Work = the hours between 9am and 5/6pm

Money = the direct deposit in your bank account every 2 weeks

Well, #Empowerista’s definitions are much bigger and more rewarding.

We believe...

Success = pursuing and living out your purpose

Work = your passion integrated into your life

Money = equity, strengthening the value of your work

In order to find and make opportunities, you must first shift to the way an #Empowerista thinks about success, work and money. It’s not about the quickest way to get a promotion, raise, job or paycheck.

It’s more about: what gets you closer to your purpose?

This may mean you do work for free sometimes; pay money to attend an event; take a position with a title or pay cut; or work odd hours.

Sometimes it’s the hidden opportunities that lead to the fulfillment of our purpose.

On that note, let’s define purpose too. Purpose is the work (passion integrated into your life) God put on your heart.

What were you meant to do and add to this world?

With this new way of thinking in mind, let’s break down five hidden opportunities (beyond financial gain) leading to greater success:

1. Experience

Bottom line: become excellent at what you do. Let’s say you’re a writer, entrepreneur, photographer or performer… You should always be working on strengthening your skills. Be so good they can’t ignore you, as Steve Martin says. This is the foundation for your “success, work and money.” And if it takes working for free sometimes or even paying to enhance these skills…. Do it.

2. Networking

Your skills are only as good as their reach. If you’re super talented in a vacuum, it doesn’t do you any good. Let’s get these skills in front of the right people. Where can you get these skills in front of the people who can help further your purpose? Go there. This could be a job, social media, event, class, etc.

3. Brand building

Building your personal brand is priceless. There is a lot that goes into this: your messaging, style, emotionality, values, tribe, etc. If you need help in this area, download this free workbook, and let’s chat:


Back to the hidden opportunity though… You may choose to invest in your blog, attend an event, support a nonprofit or do a collaboration because it strengthens your brand.

For example, I donated my time to host on the red carpet of a Dress for Success fundraiser. This strengthens the #Empowerista brand, because we’re all about female empowerment and actively support nonprofits in alignment with this mission.

4. Future reward

I cannot tell you how many friends of mine have started as interns at a company, were continuously promoted, and ended up with dream jobs. This happened to me once. I started as an intern for CelebTV and was eventually asked to guest host multiple times, giving me my first video clips to add to my reel (marketing video). I also have a friend who was a volunteer at a nonprofit and is now a (paid) manager there. The point is: get in at the ground level. It’s an opportunity for you to show off your skills. If you’re so good they can’t ignore you (#1), they’ll keep you around. 

5. Do It Yourself

This one rings true for #Empowerista! I wanted to tell empowered stories, and I knew I didn't need to wait on others to do so. I started blogging and producing my own interview series. Are you a writer? Write. Are you a photographer? Take photos. Are you an actor? Act! This may turn into a business you start. Or, if nothing else, it serves as marketing to show the right people what you do.

Basically these five opportunities can be summed up with this sentence:

The goal is to get really good and then get in front of the right people.

Hope this helps!



P.s. If you need help creating and executing your purposeful platform, I'd be happy to mentor you. Click here to learn more. 

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