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If you’re in your 20s, chances are you’re still trying to figure out this whole adulting thing, from your career to life in general. Have you ever considered joining a professional development community to help you reach your goals? Whitney Mari, founder of The Life Currency, has been a part of ten professional development communities and believes they were game-changing for her career. Read her guest post below to learn more. 

Why You Should Seek Out Professional Development Communities in Your 20s

By Whitney Mari, Founder of The Life Currency

What’s so amazing about professional development communities is that they expose you to a completely new network of people who can help further your life and career. These are people who you wouldn't otherwise meet--with similar goals and interests.

Navigating your career in your 20s is such a delicate time. You’re trying to figure out who you are and what you want to do. These communities help you learn directly from people who have been there, expose you to different careers within the same industry and expand your network for job opportunities.

I'm also a self-proclaimed conference junkie.

I love attending conferences, learning and tapping into how other people think and view life. From mentors, to friends, to future clients, I’ve gained so much. I've also learned how to properly execute The Life Currency at a conference.

When picking conferences, think about the industry you're in first. If you’re an entrepreneur or a blogger, I would definitely recommend Create + Cultivate. It’s so fun and curated. I recently attended the first Girl Boss Rally, which I thought was phenomenal and can’t wait for the next one. I would recommend this for any girl who is trying to take over the world. For creatives, SXSW is always a great conference/resource. You have to attend SXSW with a plan though, because it’s easy to get overwhelmed and miss out on the great content the conference provides.

What's most important is to know your end goal, style of learning, and keep on educating yourself.

Personally, I’m a hands-on learner and think that it’s most beneficial to find an internship or the opportunity to shadow someone. I also really love online courses and workshops. It’s somewhat of a new phenomenon of experts lending their expertise through content that you can access at any time. That’s one of the main goals of The Life Currency: to create 24/7 access to relevant information that will help further you in your life and career.

The best advice I can give on tapping into professional development groups and resources is to:

Find your thing and become obsessed. Become so involved with the growth of you that you take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

Once that happens, you’ll experience growth like you never would have imagined.

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