Owning Your Accomplishments (Without Sounding Obnoxious)

Hey girl,

Has anyone told you lately, you're kind of a big deal... and you should own it?

No but really, you have some cool experiences, strong skills and an incredible personality. A *humble* personality I might add.

So I want to give you permission to brag a bit and own your accomplishments. I know, I know… you’re afraid of sounding obnoxious. I get it because, well, this was my fear too.

But don’t worry, we all know you’re humble. It’s time to own your strengths, so you can attract the right people and opportunities to your path.

Prefer to read? Here are my 4 tips below:

1) Don't correct people when they acknowledge or compliment you on your accomplishments. Simply say thank you. And perhaps reciprocate by giving them a compliment too.

2) Focus on the positive. We've all had highs and lows in our career. In certain situations, it's appropriate to highlight the highs and omit the lows.

Personal Branding Rockstar Checklist

3) Deliver the facts. You're not calling yourself awesome (even though you totally are!); You're simply sharing the fact that you accomplished x, y, and z.

4) Sprinkle in some context. You don't have to pretend it was easy, or like you accomplished these things all on your own. Along with sharing your accomplishments, express gratitude and give credit where it's due. 

Ultimately, by expressing your awesomeness, you're giving yourself and others the opportunity to see how you can best come together and help each other.

Happy bragging!



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