Biggest Missed Opportunity on Social Media

The key to growing your social media fans is twofold:

1) Great content
2) Interacting (likes + comments) with your tribe

Today I want to talk about point #1.

But first, quick tangent... notice I said fans not followers. Sure, I love seeing my follower count go up too #ImHuman. But, ultimately we are growing our social media following, to spread our message. And you're not going to spread your message, if you get lost in the Instagram algorithm, because you're not attracting fans of who you are.

In order to create fans of who you are... you need to show people who you are.

And you can do this through great content.

Keep in mind, posting great content is not simply about the photo. This is only half of it...

Your caption should be just as powerful as your photo, if not more. 

I actually like to come up with my caption first, and then take or find a photo supporting my caption.

So the missed opportunity is: writing blah captions that anyone could write....

Anyone can show a snap shot of their beautiful brunch and caption it with how delicious their morning was.

Anyone can post an "outfit of the day" and break down which brands they're wearing.

And anyone can post a quote and caption it with a cliche.

(Side note: I've been guilty of all 3 of the above... so I'm far from judging. These posts aren't necessarily harmful to your brand... they just aren't helpful.)

None of these types of posts tell me who you are! They tell me about a short, out of context, moment in time.

What can you post that not just anyone can post too?

What was your day really like?

How do you truly feel about that topic?

Going beyond the surface and/or sharing your bold opinion is a great way for us to get to know what you're truly all about.

Social media is a double edge sword. On one hand, it's a sea of BS. On the other hand, it's a wonderful opportunity to authentically connect with people you otherwise wouldn't be able to connect with around the world.

But in order to connect... it's so necessary to give ourselves permission to be a little more transparent.