Build a Brand Being You

Creating a brand is an exciting, but often confusing, journey.  During the process of creating my brand, I asked myself:

What sets me apart from all of the other social media mavens and internet sensation bloggers? What makes me so different?

These questions had me jumping through hoops trying to figure out the answer. So I grabbed one of my favorite journals and my handy dandy pen, and wrote everything down.

Even though we're all unique, it's tempting to follow trends and mimic other brands' style.

It's okay (and good!) to study your industry's trends and culture. This gives you a starting point for what to try. But don't be afraid to get outside of your industry's box.

Failure is your friend. There is no better way to figure out what resonates best with you and your brand than to try it on. So when mistakes are made... and they will be made... dust yourself off and try again.

Through this falling and picking myself back up, I've realized the importance of being true to myself and finding my own unique voice from deep within.

By being original, I'm able to connect more with my audience.

Everything else falls into place from here.

If you're not sure where to start, ask yourself:

What are my interests and what truly makes me happy?

Write your ideas down on paper, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, be original, and always be a student of your industry.

Good luck #Empowerista, you've got this!

Yours truly,

Mariah Darshà, In Heels, Making CEO Moves


Mariah Darshà is a Lifestyle & Women’s Entrepreneurial Blogger and Host who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. She studied at Cal State Northridge and received her BA in Broadcast Journalism. Originally from Modesto, CA, she knew Los Angeles could offer her much more and help contribute to pursing her dreams to be on the big screen. From red carpets and interviewing celebrities, to guest hosting on Revolt TV, these experiences helped plateau her career into launching her own personal website at ''. serves a purpose to help bridge the gap between success and obtaining success by providing appropriate resources, knowledge, tips and tricks on branding, women entrepreneurship and empowerment. Although her love for entertainment is still there, her heart for supporting women and helping emerging bossbabes in the industry goes even further.

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