Using Your Voice


Our voice is an expression of who we are through words - written, spoken, in-person and online.

Our voice is personal, powerful and vulnerable AF.

Because we all want to feel loved, worthy and like we matter. So it feels safer to hide behind pretty Instagram photos and fake smiles versus risking being rejected for who we are. #BeenThere 

As women, using our voice feels even more challenging, because society and the media have taught us our value lies more in the outward, versus inward, expression of who we are.

Simply put, we’ve been told our appearance is our #1 asset, which is a big fat lie... that the beauty and fashion industry wildly benefit from.

And here’s the truth nobody wants to talk about… we (women) benefit from “playing pretty” too. If we dress the part, act nice and value being seen over being heard… we often get attention and even opportunities.

So it’s a whole self-perpetuating cycle that I’m all too familiar with.

When we play powerful, express who we are, break societal rules and use our voice, we are often met with resistance.

But playing powerful opens ourselves up to something deeper… a connection to ourselves and with others that playing pretty cannot provide.

We’re trading being liked by many for being loved by our tribe for who we truly are.

And it starts with our voice… sharing our stories…. expressing what we want, value and believe.... and going beyond the surface to show our imperfectly perfect journey.

xx Alex

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