New Year, New Digs

It’s a new year year with new digs in my world. I typically don’t delve into my personal life too deeply, but this post calls for a little bit of that.

My husband’s career took off in 2017, when his comedic video series on Wisconsin culture went viral. The irony is: we both (separately) moved away from Wisconsin to grow our careers, but his career has grown most in Wisconsin. As a Wisconsin girl at heart (born and raised in the Milwaukee-area), I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have more “excuses” bringing us back home to see family and play on the lakes.

Well, those excuses became so frequent that it became clear: we needed to get a place in Wisconsin. I mean, I love my parents and in-laws, but sleeping at someone else’s home for more than a few days gets old.

Moving forward, Charlie and I will have dual residency in Milwaukee and Los Angeles. *Enter joke about being bi-coastal on the Pacific Ocean and Lake Michigan.* Fine, I'll leave the joking to Charlie. 

Anyway, this move called for some re-organizing of my career… for the better. For my on-camera and Empowerista work in Los Angeles, I’m trimming the fat and focusing only on what I love. Right now this includes my Empowerista segment with Business Rockstars and my Empowerista show on a local Los Angeles TV station. Thanks to my amazing partners, I’ll be able to shoot several episodes at one time to streamline my LA visits.

Additionally, I’m excited to start a new position and project in Wisconsin. I’ll be working for Nelson Schmidt and their client, the state of Wisconsin, on their PR campaigns. Through traditional media relations and modern content creation, I'll share the stories of the people, places and quality of life making the Dairyland a desirable place to work, live and do business. Bringing my passion and talent for storytelling and community building to my home state is very meaningful. I'm looking forward to sharing with the world what us Wisconsinites have always known: life is great in the Badger state.

Wishing you a fulfilling 2018!

XO Alex

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