How to increase your social media engagement

How do you increase your engagement on social media?
The secret to increasing your engagement on social media is to be engaging.
What you give is what you get. Here are four ideas for giving more engagement which I promise will lead to receiving more as well. 
#1 Reply to comments and messages. These people have basically raised their hand and said I’m a fan! Treat your fans like guests at a party and interact with them. 
#2 Go engage with other people’s posts… give your current and future fans’ posts a like or comment.
#3 Write engaging captions. There is a human behind your post - and the caption should reflect this. Think of your caption like a text message - and ask yourself: will this be interesting and valuable to my audience?
#4 Take advantage of video. With the roll out of live and native video, plus stories, there is a unique opportunity to take your fans on an up close and personal journey, which builds connection - and you guessed it- engagement

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