Compete with legacy brands by being yourself with PackIt CEO, Melissa Kieling

It all started with her kids’ lunch! Melissa Kieling the founder and CEO of PackIt (a cooler company) found a void in the marketplace when trying to keep her kids’ lunch cool. This Mom-Boss explains the inspiration behind her business and how she markets to the modern woman.

Here are some of the key takeaways to make sure you catch:

Sharing your personal story is powerful.

At 2:55 Melissa shares her story of becoming a single mom. After being a stay-at-home mom for more than a decade, Melissa was ready to reinvent herself. Out of this desire, her business PackIt was born.

Be scrappy... in the beginning.

At 3:28 Melissa shares about how she started in her kitchen making a DIY version of what today is a perfected product.

You are your secret weapon.

At 3:55 Melissa talks about competing with legacy brands and what set her apart was… herself. Being a mom with passion became her marketing secret weapon.

Branding is telling a story.

At 5:45 Melissa talks about how they tell their story which ultimately is their brand. When it comes to their products, they have defining principles their products all have to meet. Some of the principles are tangible and others are intangible. For example, they aim to have their products create an experience.

It’s okay to have multiple target audiences.

At 9:55 Melissa talks about her target audiences. PackIt offers solutions to mom and the whole family and word-of-mouth has been an effective marketing strategy.

Humanize your business.

At 12:55 Melissa shares what type of content is performing well on their social media and blog. One of the impactful strategies has been giving their target audience a behind the scenes look at PackIt and introducing the people behind the business.

Double down on the social strategies that work best for your brand.

At 14:10 Melissa discusses which social media platforms and features have been especially effective. I love when she talks about responding to your community and having a two-way conversation. Personalization and one-on-one communication is so powerful.

Note: This interview originally aired on Business Rockstars' platforms.