Get Unstuck and Achieve Your Biggest Goals

My next guest is Elizabeth Pearson, an executive career coach, specializing in getting women “unstuck” so they can achieve their biggest goals in all aspects of life. Throughout her 15-year sales career Elizabeth has worked for brands like Vitamin Water and Coca-Cola. If you’re feeling stuck about a big change like a career pivot or cross-country move, my conversation with Elizabeth will inspire you to move forward confidently.

Here’s the breakdown of my chat with Elizabeth:

[01:36] Elizabeth believes that being stuck means you feel powerless, like you don’t have options. If you ever feel burnout, the “Sunday Scaries,” or live for the weekend, you’re likely feeling stuck in your career. 

[04:00] If you feel stuck because you’re under-paid: “It’s never too late to go back to the table and really start asking for what you want.” 

[04:44] “Should” is the new bad “S” word. If you don’t create boundaries for yourself, others will create them for you. 

[05:15] Sunk cost bias: when you’re not getting a return on investment but you feel so deep in your investment that you just keep going.

[07:03] If it’s not working for you and you keep going anyway, you’re just going to get deeper in it. It becomes harder to pull yourself out of a position that’s not right for you as more time goes by. Also, there’s a cost in staying somewhere that’s not a good fit. Remember: you have options, and it’s never too late to make a change.

[08:45] Women need to walk the walk. It’s important to trust yourself and choose what’s right for you, not only for yourself, but also for the people (children, girlfriends, etc.) that you can inspire. 

[10:10] “Follow your feelings.” Rational reasons often mislead us. Take one baby step and put it into action to gain confidence. 

[12:00] What’s right for one woman isn’t right for another. For some women, success may mean scaling back. 

[13:00] We can’t all “lean in.” We all need a support system. Women need to ask for what they want and set boundaries to inspire companies to change. 

[15:15] An example of a boundary is: “I can’t go on this trip, here’s my reason…..” People often receive more respect when they create boundaries.

[17:39] Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? If you hesitate, the answer is probably yes. Ask yourself if you’re making decisions out of a fear-based thought process or not. 

[18:20] You can become an entrepreneur at any age as long as you start planning. Set income goals, start saving and change your career.

[19:30] Elizabeth tells women to “give 0 Fs” when it comes to other people’s opinions about your career choice. The only person you have to justify your dreams to is yourself. Jeff Bezos of Amazon calculates decisions based on the potential for regret. 

[22:00] “Clarity [on what to pursue] is the ENTIRE battle” but don’t forget that your purpose is simple: it’s to be happy. 

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Get Unstuck and Achieve Your Biggest Goals

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