Why Inspired Action is the Key to Your Success

My guest today is Sarah Pendrick, founder & CEO of GirlTalk Network, a transformational platform known for its famous events empowering young women around the country. Sarah is also an international speaker and was recently awarded the Iconic Woman of the Year award, “creating a better world for all” from the UN sponsored, Women Economic Forum. In my chat with Sarah, she shares empowerment tips and how women can support other women.

Here’s the breakdown of what went down during my chat with Sarah:

[01:45] GirlTalk Network is a transformation platform, online and offline, focused on empowering women around the country.

[02:37] “I thrive when I’m supported by other women.” She didn’t have a supportive community of women so she created it. As an entrepreneur, she creates things that don’t already exist that she wants in life.

[04:00] You can use social media for good - to connect with other people. Sarah puts herself out there by attending events and reaching out to people online. 

[04:29] “If you want something, you need to take action on it.” Take the first three steps, so it’s not overwhelming.

[05:21] When you get rejected, it’s an opportunity to strengthen your self-worth and use it as a lesson. Manifestation really works when you don’t give up after rejection. It can really test you, but that’s how you know you want something and can persevere to make it happen.

[07:32] Female entrepreneurship is what is going to change the world. As women our gift is our intuition. 

[10:30] Pushing in your life doesn’t get you what you want; it actually means you’re coming from a place where you don’t think it’s possible. Pushing can push what you actually want away. It doesn’t mean you don’t take action. You take inspired action.

[13:00] Event planning tip: envision how you want your guests to feel in order to create the right atmosphere. Be intentional about the feeling first, and then fill in the details accordingly. 

[15:30] We’re programmed to think there isn’t enough to go around. The old way is feeling the need to be competitive ... a scarcity mindset. The new way is knowing there is enough to go around… an abundant mindset.

[16:55] We’re human. The jealousy trigger will sometimes go off. Treat it like information. What is the feeling telling you? Perhaps you can re-frame your jealous thought to: “if she’s done it, then I know it’s possible.” 

[18:30] She is a true entrepreneur and always wants to create. She knows she doesn’t have to do everything. She seeks support so she doesn’t have to do it all.

[19:15] Sarah doesn’t believe in balance. Being a serial entrepreneur can be a challenge but she finds personal development, like experiential learning conferences or spiritual trainings, help her stay sane in her business. The best tool is growing your mind, body and soul. She also loves being around women; it lights her up and fuels her.

[23:23] It’s crucial to prioritize self-care to avoid burnout and make more of an impact in your life. It’s going to help you sustain your business.

[24:00] Women supporting women starts with you. Mentor a woman or a girl. If you see a woman who isn’t speaking up, encourage them and involve them in the conversation. Even something as simple as extending a compliment goes a long way. 

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Why Inspired Action is the Key to Your Success

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