Holiday Gift Ideas to Connect with Your Community

This week on the #Empowerista podcast, I wanted to share a special holiday episode that I think you’ll find very helpful for connecting with your community this holiday season.

Whether it’s your customers, clients, employees or supporters, here is my list of ideas for giving back to and connecting with your community at large this time of year. We’ll start small and work big. 

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Otherwise go ahead and keep on reading... 

#1 Comment on your communities posts. 

Individuals within your community are posting their holiday plans and greetings online. Simply commenting something like “happy holidays” is a quick way to acknowledge them this season.

#2 Send a personalized voice memo or video. 

Everyone loves to feel special, and taking the time to record a quick note wishing them a happy holiday season - specifically addressed to them - will undoubtedly do the trick. You can send it via email, text message or direct message on Instagram.

#3 Connect someone with a resource.

Resources can range from a mentor to a referral to an educational book or podcast. If you know someone in your business community has a need, and you have the right resource for them, go ahead and make the connection. 

#4 Pick up the phone and call.

I know… so old-fashioned right? Regardless, taking the time to pick up the phone to let someone know you’re thinking of them and wanting to wish them a happy holiday season is definitely a sweet gesture to make. 

#5 Post a social media spotlight. 

Who doesn’t love a little public praise? Consider posting a client, customer or employee’s photo along with a caption expressing your gratitude or highlighting one of their major accomplishments. 

#6 Send a holiday card. 

It’s traditional, yet timeless. Since snail mail is becoming less and less common, receiving something physical in the mail can feel like a special treat. Plus, people will often keep the card for the season, making them think of you often. Prefer to modernize your card? Make a holiday video or digital card. You can send this via email, text and social media.

#7 Give a promo code or discount on your products and services. 

This time of year, shopping is in full swing, and who doesn’t love a discount? 

#8 Provide free goodies.

If you have a brick and mortar store or office, can you provide a treat like donuts or a sample product related to your business for your customers to enjoy?

#9 Provide an upgrade.

This one is great for a service based business. Think along the lines of an extra session or more access to you. Really anything that enhances the experience of what they’ve already purchased is a great upgrade. 

#10 Give a gift related to your products or services. 

Examples include:

  • A free Ebook
  • A free class or consultation 
  • A free printable 
  • A free sample product 

#11 Make a donation on their behalf. 

This could be as easy as emailing your most loyal customers and letting them know you’re making a charitable donation on their behalf. Or, you could even make a social media game out of it where you make a donation every time someone uses your hashtag, for example. 

#12 Host a free holiday event.

Celebrating together in-person with food and drink is a great way to connect, and it will never go out of style. You could even combine this idea with another, like offering anyone in attendance a discount on your products or services. 

#13 Give a physical gift. 

A few ideas include...

  • A book
  • A gift card
  • Tickets to a show
  • Baked goods 
  • Something small like a mug or candle

Bonus: give this gift in-person to get a little priceless facetime in.

#14 Treat to coffee, lunch or dinner.

Getting to connect one-on-one on your dime is not only a memorable gift, it’s also an opportunity to build the relationship. 

#15 Give a bonus to your employees.

Was it a successful year? Let your team know how much you appreciate their hard work by padding their paycheck. Even a little bit can mean a lot.

Well, there you have it. My list of ideas to connect with your community over the holidays. I hope this season is full of love, joy and gratitude for you. And I want to extend a big thank you to YOU. Your support truly means a lot to me. Thank you so much for being a part of my community. 

Holiday Gift Ideas to Connect with Your Community

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