Building a Business that Satisfies Your Life (with Kathryn Brolin)

My guest today is Kathryn Brolin, the founder of Midheaven Denim. After spending years in the modeling industry, Kathryn recognized a niche of women like her who found it difficult to find inseams long enough to fit their lengthy frames. Kathryn created Midheaven Denim to fill this void with the mantra "Take Back Your Height,” emphasizing the importance of feeling your best, truest and most confident self. Kathryn is married to Hollywood actor, Josh Brolin, and was largely inspired to create her business to give her more freedom to travel with him and their daughter.

Here’s the breakdown of my chat with Kathryn:

[02:15] Kathryn created her company to fulfill a need in the market. As a tall woman, she struggled to find quality jeans that would fit her - so she created them.

[03:55] Kathryn put her fashion dreams aside, because her modeling and film career was growing, and it wasn’t the right timing to create a business.

[04:43] Her philosophy, inspired by a family member, is: make your work accommodate your life, and not the other way around. Kathryn created her business to allow her to travel with her husband for work. The distance allowed her the time and space to think about this business and make it a reality. 

[06:03] Many people feel like they have to push and be aggressive to launch a business, but surrendering allowed the perfect contact to come into Kathryn’s path to help her launch the business.

[08:11] Cultivating trust with a team is so important to allow you to travel and run a successful business.

[09:50] Although Midheaven is primarily an online business, having a physical store has been beneficial to the company. Seeing the clothes on women and how they’re feeling in them allows the business to grow and adapt as needed. But, Kathryn can still be located wherever because she hires a team for the in-person responsibilities and handles the customer service and business management completely online.

[12:50] When you are growing a business, you need to remember it takes 6 to 10 impressions for someone to buy a product. It’s not just showing it to someone once and making a sale. It’s important to work on the branding and marketing, as well as continuing to innovate.

[14:04] Midheaven started by focusing on the tall woman who didn’t have a brand for her, and now they have products for all sizes and shapes of women. They’re different because they started with a specific niche and then grew from there. They wanted to service everyone who walked through the door, because women should own their height or whatever makes them unique, and feel confident.

[16:14] The brand grew from the lack of self-esteem that many tall women felt, from standing out, and wanting to shrink themselves to be “normal.” The company was called Midheaven because it was the highest point the sun reaches in the sky. Kathryn feels like it encourages women to feel confident in being tall and holding your head up high.

[18:05] It is important to own what makes us stand out. It’s the perfect time to use your voice and your gifts that set you apart to help you drive forward. Standing out allows you to make a big impact in our world.

[20:45] Midheaven is a brand that is there to help women not compromise. It’s important to Kathryn to have a brand that doesn’t compromise on fit, quality, sustainability, size diversity and inclusivity. In order to be a successful business in today’s society you need to let women know you are there for them.

[21:25] As a new mom, Kathryn makes sure that any time she is away from her daughter it’s worth it because her daughter is her priority. She’s had to reprioritize her business and only focus on what truly matters in order to be with her daughter more. Business is emotional but when you have a child, you are able to let go of some of that emotion, overthink less and make quicker decisions. This change has actually helped Midheaven grow even more.

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Building a Business that Satisfies Your Life (with Kathryn Brolin)

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