Growing from Individual Clients to the Masses with Lauren Messiah

My guest today is, Lauren Messiah, the most in-demand Personal Stylist in Los Angeles. She’s known for helping her clients find themselves through style – think personal development meets personal style. Named Google’s #WomenToWatch on Youtube, Lauren has been featured in publications like Marie Claire, Vogue, The New York Times, The Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal for her style expertise. During our chat she explains how she’s gone from working with one-on-one clients to reaching the masses through video and digital products. 

Here’s the breakdown of my chat with Lauren:

[02:15] The way you feel in your clothes is so important for your business and your life, and so Lauren wanted to help people dress the way they want to feel.
[03:45] You can’t scale a business if it’s always going to take your one-on-one time, so Lauren figured out a way to serve clients digitally.
[05:05] In-person experience is so important to build your styling brand. There’s no simple formula, but after working with clients for a decade, she knew what their pain points were and created something that could work better digitally then in-person.
[06:30] One-on-one clients are a great way to prepare for digital offerings. Think about what you do, your process and document it. You will already have everything broken down into bite-sized pieces, and then you can have people testing pieces before you move into a digital phase. 
[07:35] Using content marketing to find clients is a successful strategy. Lauren attracts people through YouTube videos and email lists. The biggest change for digital content is removing the discovery phone call, and instead providing free digital, value-packed educational material helping them discover their need for your offerings. 
[09:10] Understand your ideal customer. First-hand, one-on-one experience is critical to really know what type of content to create and how to speak to them in promotional material.
[09:40] Lauren does a style challenge a few times a year to help potential clients discover what they need help with. 
[11:47] Sales is not forcing someone to make a decision. It’s about guiding them, and giving them the right tools and knowledge to make the right decision for themselves, and sometimes that may include helping them break through mind blocks to see what they actually need. Then, it’s their choice to decide whether to take it or leave it.
[13:10] To get clients, the process starts with content. Lauren puts out educational YouTube videos, by giving information and connecting with her audience on video and includes a call to action in the video to download something for free. When they download it, their email address gets added to her email marketing funnel to give them a series of emails to provide more education.
[15:15] Lauren knows the struggle of finding your style and during her email series provides her potential clients with personal stories, free downloads and videos - all for free - to help guide them to decide what is right for them. She wants them to know if they feel at home or not.
[16:25] To end her email series, Lauren gives them all the options they could do to improve their style, even ones that don’t include her. She just makes a list, without links or affiliate codes, and this allows people to be comfortable making a decision without thinking someone is trying to force them to buy one of her products. If people want something she provides, they’ll reply back and Lauren will give them more information.
[19:30] Lauren did an educational Facebook Live, saved it, and now she sends it to a warmed up audience to sell her services.
[20:30] Lauren’s selling cycle takes about 45 days to get a client to purchase, but once they are all in, it is magical because they a part of a community. She's building a relationship which means the client trusts her and wants to stay engaged with her services. Lauren is all about working toward a bigger vision, so it’s not about the short-term and tricking people, she wants to become the “Oprah” of fashion and grow it with trust and community.
[22:45] Lauren recently got a book deal, and the reason the publisher wanted to sign her was because she built a community of loyal followers that are ready to support her. It’s not about the social media number, it’s more about the email list, and the building of a community that will follow you wherever you go.
[24:11] Making video can be a game changer for a business. When you invest in making video, it can go on Facebook, Instagram, your website, IGTV, as well as YouTube. You can also take the video and turn it into a blog post, an eBook, or even a course once it’s created.
[25:00] The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is starting over and over again. You have to be prepared for things to potentially fall apart and find a new way to approach the business. Any new project you do is starting from zero, so it often feels like you’re always starting up again.
[28:26] It is hard to figure out a personal brand, and the difference can come from bringing someone from the outside into your business to help you. Lauren hired a personal branding consultant who helped her see what her client’s were experiencing and what great things were happening that Lauren was too busy to notice.
[30:40] You need to know how you are actually helping people. It’s powerful to get to the core of anything. Knowing what your product brings to the client, and leveraging that in your marketing can really make a difference in your business.
[32:10] Content that hits home doesn’t come without content that fails.
[33:45] Having a membership community is so fun, and it allows you to connect with the members, read their posts and see how they are benefiting first-hand. 

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Growing from Individual Clients to the Masses with Lauren Messiah

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