About Alex


Alex Wehrley has worked as a media and PR professional for eight years, primarily as a TV host, writer and producer. She is the founder of Empowerista, TV host of Business Rockstars and one of Los Angeles Business Times 20 in their 20s.

Empowerista helps women confidently advance in their careers through its empowering community and educational content. Alex is an advocate for female leaders and hopes to see women equally as influential as men in business and beyond. 

She has hosted for the Miss USA telecast, E! News Now, live ABC red carpet shows, FOX and more. See her in action here...

After representing her state at Miss USA and numerous public appearances as Miss Wisconsin USA 2009, she kicked off her career as a morning news anchor for the NBC affiliate in Rockford, IL. She worked as a TV host in Oklahoma City and Dallas, before moving to Los Angeles, where she currently lives with her husband Charlie Berens.

Work With Alex


On-Camera Work

Every day you can catch me hosting Business Rockstars and interviewing some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. I’m available to: - Host shows on entrepreneurship and female empowerment. - Be a guest expert on female leadership, entrepreneurship, personal branding and confidence building.



It is my vision for women to be equally influential in business and beyond. More and more companies are sharing this vision, in an effort to attract and retain top female talent. Statistics show companies with equal men and women in leadership positions outperform their competition. As more companies proactively work to close the gender gap, it’s necessary to address the root problems preventing women from advancing in their careers.



The Personal Brand Makeover helps you discover your greater vision and what makes you stand out. It empowers you to develop your influential voice, while growing your tribe in-person and online.

Be you. Be seen. Make moves.



Here are the collaborations I'm looking for at the moment: 1) Individuals with a story or expertise that empowers women. 2) Brands with a shared mission of empowering female leaders.