About Alex


Alex Wehrley can be described in one word as a storyteller. She helps brands establish likability, familiarity and trust with their audience by creating social media strategies and engaging content with the primary purpose of brand awareness and community building. She believes there is no greater way to connect with others than through stories that inspire, educate or entertain.

As Maya Angelou says:

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Establishing this emotional connection with your audience is a crucial and often missed step when building your brand.


Alex’s storytelling journey can be traced back to her local news days. As a morning news anchor, Alex would bring local businesses', organizations' and communities’ stories to life on television. During this time, social media was blowing up and Alex became obsessed with the ability to directly communicate with viewers - without having to wait for her daily newscast.

Alex continued to work in television as a host and producer for outlets like: E! News Now, ABC.com red carpets, FOX, Yahoo! and more. As her media career advanced, she saw the trend of more: 1) brands advertising on social media and 2) media outlets creating content for social media. The days of traditional television advertising were fading, and Alex didn’t want her career to fade with them; So she made the full leap into creating digital and social media content.

Today Alex has a passion for helping brands evolve with the digital landscape and run their social channels like media companies. Thanks to social media, we are all content creators with direct access to the audiences we want to reach.

Fun facts: Alex is a....

  • Former Miss Wisconsin USA and went on to host the Miss USA telecast in 2015
  • Alum of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (go Badgers!).
  • Born and raised Wisconsinite and has lived in four additional states (Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas and California)
  • Dual resident of Milwaukee, WI and Los Angeles, CA with her husband, Charlie, the viral comedian of the Manitowoc Minute
  • Social media strategist and producer for the state of Wisconsin and their talent attraction campaign via Nelson Schmidt, an integrated marketing agency
  • Advocate for female entrepreneurs and has an Empowerista television show on KAZA Los Angeles and the multimedia platform, Business Rockstars, which can be seen on BizTV, Delta Airlines, Entrepreneur.com and more
  • Yoga junkie, The Bachelor aficionado and fan of hiking, traveling, boating and tequila (not necessarily in that order)


Social media growth and engagement, video producing, content marketing, influencer marketing and overall social media strategy