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Compete with legacy brands by being yourself with PackIt CEO, Melissa Kieling It all started with her kids’ lunch! Melissa Kieling the founder and CEO of PackIt (a cooler company) found a void in the marketplace when trying to keep her kids’ lunch cool. This Mom-Boss explains the inspiration behind her business and how she markets to the modern woman.

7 tips for an awesome Instagram feed

“Shoot, I haven’t posted on Instagram for a week.” “I should really post something.” *Scrolls through photos.* “Ugh, I guess this photo works.” Been there! I remember desperately searching for a photo only to find one usable pic from college. Throwback...

3 mistakes I made my first two years of business

2019 is my third year in business, but in a sense it feels like my first, because I’m starting many things anew. Before I dive into that, let me take you back to my first official year...

How to increase your social media engagement
How do you increase your engagement on social media?
The secret to increasing your engagement on social media is to be engaging.
What you give is what you get. Here are four ideas for giving more engagement which I promise will lead to receiving more as well. 

New Year, New Digs

It’s a new year year with new digs in my world. I typically don’t delve into my personal life too deeply, but this post calls for a little bit of that. My husband’s career took off in 2017, when his comedic video series on Wisconsin culture...

Using Your Voice

  Our voice is an expression of who we are through words - written, spoken, in-person and online.

Our voice is personal, powerful and vulnerable AF.

Because we all want to feel loved, worthy and like we matter. So it feels...

Biggest Missed Opportunity on Social Media

The key to growing your social media fans is twofold:

1) Great content 2) Interacting (likes + comments) with your tribe

Today I want to talk about point #1.

But first, quick tangent... notice I said fans not followers....

Strengthening Your Personal Brand

My tip of the week is: strengthen your personal brand

The word "brand" is tossed around a lot, and rightfully so... because everyone needs one. Whether you're an entrepreneur or working for someone else... a personal 

Spotlight on Lit Without Limits Founder/CEO

Hi #Empowerista! My corner of the internet is a place to celebrate and support powerful women. Things like fear, self-doubt and our inner critic often get in the way of how powerful we truly are. The women I feature experience all...

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