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Passion + perseverance (with Aunt Flow CEO)

Hi #Empowerista! My corner of the internet is a place to celebrate and support powerful women. Things like fear, self-doubt and our inner critic often get in the way of how powerful we truly are. The women I feature experience all these difficult...


Prior to my participation in the Women's March Los Angeles, a woman asked me: who doesn't believe women's rights are human rights? This is a valid question, so I wanted to answer it openly. It's important to start with:

Five Hidden Opportunities for Greater Success

copy-of-freshstart-4 Your entire life you’ve likely been surrounded by people who have adopted the traditional mindset of success, work and making money. They believe… Success = titles, accomplishments and raises Work = the hours between 9am and...

Releasing blocks for a confident mindset

copy-of-freshstart-1 Hi Empowerista, I know you have a purposeful platform inside of you. Perhaps you even have the domain, social media handles and first steps checked off your to-do list. The things is, none of these things matter if you don't believe in yourself. Don't...

5 Steps to Your Complete + Compelling Story

copy-of-freshstart-3 Hi Empowerista! Telling your story seems like it should be easy. I mean, nobody knows you better than you, right? But, that’s exactly why it’s actually difficult. Because you just get

Success Tip: Get Inspired


Now that I’ve interviewed dozens of Empoweristas, I’m able to pick up on several recurring themes. One of them is: it’s crucial to stay inspired. The motto “hustle as hard as you can handle” doesn’t always fit for these women.

Many of them believe:

Women Empowering Women (Plus, Collab w/ GirlTalk)

img_2792 It boggles my mind when I see the media and some times individuals pitting women against each other. This way of thinking and seeing the world is not only unproductive, it's simply a big fat lie. It's rooted in the belief that life follows the zero sum rule, meaning...

7 Lessons My Empowered Mom Taught Me

Mom My mom is a supermom. By the time she was my age (28ish) she had: both my sister and me, overcame several personal hardships, and quit her six figure job to start her own business. As I sip my latte in my quiet writing space with “producing...

How to build a following being you

Build-A-Following Hi Empowerista! Building a following (online or in person) comes down to: simply being you. How freeing and empowering is that?! I know, I know, easier said than done.... When it comes to people we don't know, we have a tendency to hide our authentic self. We're afraid of offending...

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