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Using Your Voice

  Our voice is an expression of who we are through words - written, spoken, in-person and online.

Our voice is personal, powerful and vulnerable AF.

Because we all want to feel loved, worthy and like we matter. So it feels...


By: Siera Bearchell, Miss Universe Canada 2016 Most leaders carry a sense of confidence. Confidence commands attention.  Confidence persuades opinions.  Confidence makes us believe in what people say.

If our body image impacts our confidence and our confidence impacts our leadership abilities, then surely body image is...

Biggest Missed Opportunity on Social Media

The key to growing your social media fans is twofold:

1) Great content 2) Interacting (likes + comments) with your tribe

Today I want to talk about point #1.

But first, quick tangent... notice I said fans not followers....


Prior to my participation in the Women's March Los Angeles, a woman asked me: who doesn't believe women's rights are human rights? This is a valid question, so I wanted to answer it openly. It's important to start with:

5 Steps to Your Complete + Compelling Story

copy-of-freshstart-3 Hi Empowerista! Telling your story seems like it should be easy. I mean, nobody knows you better than you, right? But, that’s exactly why it’s actually difficult. Because you just get

Married with my maiden name

wedding2 Brides keeping their maiden name is much more common these days, but I still get asked about my choice to do so once and awhile. So let me explain to anyone who is curious. I'll start with the reasons why I didn't make this choice. It's not to disrupt...

Empowerment Backlash

Copy of freshstart (2) Today I spent 21 minutes inside the Playboy building. (A sentence I never thought I’d type.) It all started very innocently. I interviewed a woman for my #Empowerista series (who I will call by the fake name “Jane”). I genuinely...

We want to feature you!

Copy of freshstart Hi Empowerista! I love sharing what being an Empowerista is to me - but now I want to hear from YOU! It's your opportunity to tell us why you're an Empowerista (on video!)...

How Pageants Empower

olivia Hi Empowerista! I'm a huge fan of pageants. For those of you who knew me while I was Miss Wisconsin USA in 2009 or when I co-hosted the Miss USA telecast in 2015, you're probably like... duh. But for those who only know me through my TV...