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Finding a Sense of Self

4 Steps To Finding a Sense of Self – Despite Your Relationship Status

A guest post by Marisha Dixon

Ads sell much more than products and services. The media promotes social scripts and paints pictures of how...


By: Siera Bearchell, Miss Universe Canada 2016 Most leaders carry a sense of confidence. Confidence commands attention.  Confidence persuades opinions.  Confidence makes us believe in what people say.

If our body image impacts our confidence and our confidence impacts our leadership abilities, then surely body image is...

Feeling qualified and confident to lead

One area in which men significantly outperform women is: SELF-CONFIDENCE. Women significantly undervalue their accomplishments, and for various reasons, suffer from the impostor syndrome and lack confidence.


Prior to my participation in the Women's March Los Angeles, a woman asked me: who doesn't believe women's rights are human rights? This is a valid question, so I wanted to answer it openly. It's important to start with:

My New Year’s Wish for You, Empowerista

copy-of-freshstart-3 Happy New Year, Empowerista! You know those things you did in 2016 you wish you did more, less or differently? You can let them go now. Everything in your past has made you the person you are today.
And you are beautiful, brilliant and brave....

Releasing blocks for a confident mindset

copy-of-freshstart-1 Hi Empowerista, I know you have a purposeful platform inside of you. Perhaps you even have the domain, social media handles and first steps checked off your to-do list. The things is, none of these things matter if you don't believe in yourself. Don't...

Success Tip: Get Inspired


Now that I’ve interviewed dozens of Empoweristas, I’m able to pick up on several recurring themes. One of them is: it’s crucial to stay inspired. The motto “hustle as hard as you can handle” doesn’t always fit for these women.

Many of them believe:

Empowerment Backlash

Copy of freshstart (2) Today I spent 21 minutes inside the Playboy building. (A sentence I never thought I’d type.) It all started very innocently. I interviewed a woman for my #Empowerista series (who I will call by the fake name “Jane”). I genuinely...

The secret to being extraordinary


Hi Empowerista,

The topic of "how to be extraordinary" has come up in so many of my conversations lately, including with the successful and purpose-driven women I’ve been interviewing for my #Empowerista series. And I’ve heard the same unexpected conclusion (in different words)...