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#EMPOWERISTA is a community and media movement with the mission of empowering women to use their voice to tell their truest story. In a society that tells women who they should be, we celebrate women who bravely are who they want to be. We believe each woman is beautifully unique with an empowered purpose. We want to help you discover and own yours. 

We primarily do this through empowering content, like our weekly interview video series in collaboration with Focus Magazine. Plus, we offer one-on-one mentoring sessions to help you build a platform reflecting your individuality and purpose--that connects with your tribe and has a clear game plan. Plus, we host networking events in Los Angeles to facilitate support from and collaborations with like-minded women. Take a peek at one of our recent events, Brunch and Bond.

The founder of #Empowerista, Alex Wehrley, was recently named as one of Los Angeles Business Journal’s “20 in their Twenties." You can learn more about her here



  • It’s all about confidence… during an interview, in a dressing room, or on a date.
  • And breaking the barriers to being our best & truest self.
  • We dare to tell the story we deserve.
  • Her success = our success.
  • We don’t wait for opportunities. We make them.
  • You can sit with us.
  • We think YOU are beautiful. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures… you get the point.
  • We eat the cupcake. Because it’s just a cupcake.
  • We take risks, even though we're totally scared to sometimes. We just take them anyway.
  • Any sentence ending in “like a girl,” we consider a compliment.
  • We’re not afraid to hope big and hustle bigger.
  • We’re also not above a nap... or a netflix binge.
  • Inspiration is what keeps the hustle going.
  • We have high standards for ourselves.
  • We aren't perfect, and quite honestly, we don’t want to be. We give ourselves grace.
  • Oh and on Wednesdays, we wear whatever we want.


1) Own who you are

In a culture that tells women who they should be, we ask you who you want to be. Let’s release the “shoulds” and stereotypes and reveal your true essence. We'll also help you create a personal brand that is free, authentic and attracts your tribe.

2) Unleash your purpose

We believe everyone has a purpose. But not everyone unleashes it. Whether you’re still discovering what that purpose is or working on executing it, we’re here to encourage, guide and hold you accountable to your purpose.

3) Speak up

If you’re anything like us, you don’t like confrontation, difficult conversations or the risk of being judged. Well, it’s time to make friends with your discomfort, put yourself out there and speak up for what you believe in and deserve. This may include finding your voice on social media, boldly asking for what you want or saying no to something no longer serving you. Don’t worry, you’ll have us to help you navigate it all.

4) Take action

Procrastination, comparison, doubt, perfectionism and fear are what most commonly get in between us and our purpose. The solution to all of these hurdles? Action. We make taking action less overwhelming by breaking down your journey into small, tangible steps that lead directly to your goals. Each week you’ll get assignments for the next week, and we’ll follow up to make sure you completed them.

Work With Alex



What I love most about TV hosting is starting important conversations and highlighting impactful people -- all while making people laugh and smile. Whether I'm anchoring the morning news, reporting on the red carpet or sitting on a talk show panel, I like to bring an authentic playfulness, credible wisdom and empowered confidence to my stories.....



Telling others' stories is fun, but I've got a story to share too! Through my "7-Steps to Empower" programs, I help individuals within organizations and companies gain the confidence, presentation and networking skills I've found necessary to have an empowered career.....



Does your brand empower women? Let's collaborate! I promote brands related to female empowerment on my social media (with nearly 40,000 followers combined), blog or podcast (coming soon). With my TV hosting & acting background, I can also speak on behalf of brands at live events, in commercials & online.....



I love to share my female empowerment expertise with various media platforms. I've done this through being a guest panelist, blogger and vlogger. The next time Jennifer Lawrence speaks up against the Hollywood pay gap, Ariana Grande calls out a body-shaming bully or #ThxBirthControl is trending, I'm your girl to offer intelligent, yet fun, commentary.....



My career wouldn't be where it is today without my mentors! I want to provide the same help to others starting a new endeavor. I work with ladies, both one-on-one and in group settings, who are launching a new career, business or creative project.....



I've found laughter is the best way to get people to listen. That's why I have a sweet spot for comedy. I frequently write and perform in sketches, and I'm always continuing my training through improv classes (UCB & iO) and scripted comedy classes (Warner Loughlin Studios).....


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