About Empowerista

Empowerista is a media company to empower female entrepreneurs. We create content to empower women in business and empower women in business to create content. By empowering female founders to tell their story on social media, they are able to build their audience and their business.


Our vision is for women to be equally influential as men in business and beyond.


How to increase your social media engagement

https://youtu.be/eiPYwT6kcq4 How do you increase your engagement on social media? The secret to increasing your engagement on social media is to be engaging. What you give is what you...


New Year, New Digs

It’s a new year year with new digs in my world. I typically don’t delve into my personal...


Using Your Voice

  Our voice is an expression of who we are through words - written, spoken, in-person and online. Our voice...




The Empowerista way is all about... confidence… in an interview, at an event, and during the day-to-day grind.

It’s about discovering… who you are… what you want… and how you make a positive impact.

Basically… you’re invited to speak up and stand out

We’re a positive community where we embrace your individuality and encourage your passions.

Because we know… rising tides lift all boats.

And when you have your next meltdown (it’s okay… they’re inevitable!), you won’t be alone.

Because everyone doubts themselves.

But not everyone takes action anyway.

We’re here to help you to make some moves - fear, doubt, imperfection and all.

Because you are capable and deserving of your wildest dreams.

And we are… confidently rising together.