Alex the Mentor


You have something big to offer, but you’re not sure how to share it with the world in a personable, creative and impactful way. I get it. It’s easy to be yourself when nobody is watching. But all of a sudden, when the eyeballs and pressure are on you, it’s like… What am I trying to convey again?

That’s why I created the Storyteller Package. Because you’re already awesome. You just need help packaging your awesomeness into words and visuals.

From bio writing to social media branding to visual marketing materials - I’ve got you covered.

This package was made for my fellow creatives: bloggers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, writers, artists, performers, dreamers and innovators!

The Storyteller Package's 8 Steps:

(We can also custom make a package or provide the steps a la carte.)

Step 1: Current story

An assessment of the story you’re currently telling others based upon your website, social media and other marketing materials. And the story you're telling yourself that may be holding you back. Do you struggle with fear, self-doubt, comparison, limited thinking, perfectionism or caring what others think? We’ll take a deep dive into your biggest blocks, insecurities and “shoulds," and unleash your inner #Empowerista!

Step 2: Your Story

This step is all about what makes you unique. We’ll explore things like your point of view, expertise, values, style, attitude and emotionality. This self-discovery and specificity about who you are is what will make you stand out to your tribe. Plus, it will help you come up with unlimited ideas for social media posts.

Step 3: Their Story

Your tribe (audience, target market, ideal client, readers, viewers, customers, etc.) should be like a best friend. You don’t know your best friend in a general way; You know them in a specific way. For example, you don’t just know your best friend likes to shop; you also know where they like to shop. We’ll paint a picture of what a typical tribe member likes/hates, wants/avoids and needs/lacks. This way you'll know who you're talking to, and how to talk to them.

Step 4: Full Story

Before you make a big leap, you need to know where you’re going. We’ll set specific, measurable, challenging, yet attainable goals and map out a plan to get there.

Step 5: Shared Story

In this step, we'll map out your social media and marketing plan. What kind of posts are the most engaging and effective? What other marketing tools will help you reach your tribe? After you're clear on your subject matter, possible formats and unique flavor, you'll come up with a content calendar. You'll never have to wonder: what should I post today?!

Step 6: Written Story

Now that we know who you are, your tribe and where you're going, I'll help you express your story through one of the following:

- Your bio

- Description of a product or service

- Blog post

- Press release

Step 7: Verbal Story

Let’s prepare you for one of the following:

- A speech

- Media interview

- Job interview

- Meeting

- Elevator pitch

- Video

Step 8: Visual Story

- Seeing the face behind the brand is the most impactful way to connect with your tribe. That’s why step 8 includes a photo shoot and marketing video.

- Photo shoot 3 outfit changes, 3 retouched photos, unlimited untouched photos

- Video I’ll be off-camera interviewing and helping you (on-camera) hit the highlights of your brand in a conversational, informative, authentic and persuasive way. I’ll also coach you to be your most articulate, confident and energetic self on-camera. We will then edit this interview into a video (up to 5 mins.) for you to use on your website, social media, YouTube or wherever you’d like. We will include any photos or broll video you provide us with. We allow up to two rounds of edits.


INVESTMENT = $1,500 (value of $2,125)

(Note: Steps 1-7 will be allotted one hour each. Step 8 will be allotted 5 hours of shoot time. Anything you’d like to work on above and beyond this time will require extra sessions.)


Steps 1-7 are $125 individually (one hour each)

Sign up for 5 steps for $575 ($50 savings)

Step 8 is $1,000 on its own (photo shoot and video)

- $500 for the photo shoot only

- $750 for the video only

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