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Personal Brand Makeover

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You're ready to make your next career move, but you're:  

Confused where to begin...  

Lost in what feels like a "sea of competition"...  

And doubting whether you deserve your big dream.

You're not alone. We've got you covered with...


Get clear on where you're going.

Discover your unique voice to help you get there.

Confidently take action with a game plan toward your goals.


Become a social media stand out...

...and a networking queen.

Tell a consistent and compelling story online and in-person.


Receive support from fellow Empoweristas.

Create an emotional connection and engage with your tribe online.

Attract dream employers and raving fans.

Reserve 1 of the limited seats...




"Working with Alex has been nothing short of life changing. I started working with Alex in hopes to solidify my concept and build my brand. After the first session, I knew this was going to be SO much more than simply the growth of my brand and business. The self discovery, clarity, and confidence that has transpired is truly priceless."

"Empowerista has challenged me to think for myself, to believe in myself, and that even the small steps lead to big changes. Alex's warm personality combined with Erin Brockovich drive is captivating. She truly has a gift for recognizing an individual’s potential and talents while also building their confidence. Alex has united a tribe of likeminded, empowering women.

- Isabella Blaine

- Heather Swanson

Meet your workshop leader...

Hi, it's Alex Wehrley! I'm a confidence and personal brand expert for millennial women, the founder of #Empowerista, TV host of Business Rockstars and one of Los Angeles Business Times 20 in their 20s.  

I've also hosted for the Miss USA telecast, E! News Now, live ABC red carpet shows, FOX and more.

(Those are my highlights... stick around for the behind the scenes....)

I'm a born and raised Wisconsinsite living in Los Angeles with my husband.

I'm obsessed with: yoga, country music, sparkling rosé, brunch, self-help books, deep conversations and boating at my family's lake home. 

My guilty pleasure is: ABC's The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

"I created Personal Brand Makeover because 3 years ago, I was in your shoes... feeling stuck in my career. Creating a personal brand made all the difference in the world." -Alex

How the workshop works...

On Sunday, July 16th at Noon CST, you’ll join Alex Wehrley and a small group of ambitious, supportive and purposeful women on Google Hangout for:

Lesson #1 - All about YOU -Gaining clarity on your vision -Discovering what makes you stand out (your personality and “zone of genius”) -Telling a consistent story about yourself (in-person and online)  

Lesson #2 - Stand Out on Social Media -Choosing visuals that represent you -Finding your social media voice -Tools + success secrets on social media  

Lesson #3 - Your Social Media Audience -Who are you speaking to? -How to serve your audience. -How to grow your following + engagement.  

((Each lesson comes with a cheat sheet and actionable homework assignments. There will be a short break between each lesson.)) 

Take action.  

Dream big.  

Be you.  

Speak up.  

Positively impact.  

Attract your tribe.  

Make moves.  

Investment - $97

Confidently Rising Together