Work With Alex



What I love most about TV hosting is starting important conversations and highlighting impactful people -- all while making people laugh and smile. Whether I'm anchoring the morning news, reporting on the red carpet or sitting on a talk show panel, I like to bring an authentic playfulness, credible wisdom and empowered confidence to my stories.....



Telling others' stories is fun, but I've got a story to share too! Through my "7-Steps to Empower" programs, I help individuals within organizations and companies gain the confidence, presentation and networking skills I've found necessary to have an empowered career.....



Does your brand empower women? Let's collaborate! I promote brands related to female empowerment on my social media (with nearly 40,000 followers combined), blog or podcast (coming soon). With my TV hosting & acting background, I can also speak on behalf of brands at live events, in commercials & online.....



I love to share my female empowerment expertise with various media platforms. I've done this through being a guest panelist, blogger and vlogger. The next time Jennifer Lawrence speaks up against the Hollywood pay gap, Ariana Grande calls out a body-shaming bully or #ThxBirthControl is trending, I'm your girl to offer intelligent, yet fun, commentary.....



My career wouldn't be where it is today without my mentors! I want to provide the same help to others starting a new endeavor. I work with ladies, both one-on-one and in group settings, who are launching a new career, business or creative project.....



I've found laughter is the best way to get people to listen. That's why I have a sweet spot for comedy. I frequently write and perform in sketches, and I'm always continuing my training through improv classes (UCB & iO) and scripted comedy classes (Warner Loughlin Studios).....