It’s no secret: there is a workplace gender gap across most industries, with men dominating leadership positions.

It is my vision for women to be equally influential in business and beyond.

More and more companies are sharing this vision, in an effort to attract and retain top female talent. Statistics show companies with equal men and women in leadership positions outperform their competition.

As more companies proactively work to close this gap, it’s necessary to address the root problems preventing women from advancing in their careers.

It comes down to this. There is a lack of:

  • Female mentors and colleagues to provide advice, support and opportunities.
  • Women’s confidence in their ability to lead, use their voice and advance in their career. Plus, people (both genders) sometimes have subconscious stereotypes and biases toward women and their capabilities.
  • Clarity and development of women’s individual career paths that they’re passionate about.
  • An empowering work culture conducive of creativity, collaboration and work-life balance.

The answer is community, confidence, clarity and communication. 

I work with companies to combat these 4 problems, with these 4 solutions:

  • Providing a peer mentorship guide for women to pair up in the workplace and support each other in their career ambitions. Plus, networking techniques to build professional relationships within the company.
  • Tools to help women communicate confidently and be proactive in their career.
  • Personal branding to help women gain clarity on their strengths, passions and career goals. Plus, action steps to empower them to achieve these goals.
  • A survey to provide the company with insight on how conducive their work culture is to attracting, developing and retaining top female talent.

This program can be delivered one-on-one, as a group workshop or keynote speech, and it can be tailor made to suit your company’s current needs. Please email me at alex@empowerista.me to discuss further.