Alex the Speaker

Telling others' stories is fun, but I have stories to share too! Through my "7-Steps to Empower" programs, I help individuals within organizations and companies gain the confidence, presentation and networking skills I've found necessary to have an empowered career.

7-Steps to Empower Your Career

End Goals - Clearly understanding what you're working toward, so you can take the most direct path.
Mindset - Dropping your self-doubt and building your confidence.
Presentation - Having an image, marketing materials and brand to match your essence.
Opportunity - Finding opportunities others make for us and creating opportunities for ourselves.
Work - Strengthening your talent and experience, the foundation of your career.
Ethics - Being reliable, moldable and integrous.
Relationship building - Making new contacts and then maintaining the professional relationships.

2016 Speaking Engagements:
Beauty Is Power - 7-Steps to Empower Your Career
Epic Conference - How to Own + Express Who You Are
Dress for Success + The Honest Company - Your Personal Brand
Junior League of Rockford - Empowering Women to Empower Themselves