Monthly Archives: January 2016

5 Tips for Creating Confident Emails

Confident-Emails One of my 2016 goals is to be unapologetic. I'm not saying I won't say sorry when I made a mistake. That's always a good idea! I'm referring to all the times I (and a lot of women) say sorry either literally or through our tone for...

Seven, the magic number for connecting

7 Ways to Connect “Tell me about yourself, and then tell me again, and then repeat it five more times, K?” No but really… It’s called the Marketing Rule of Seven!
It means someone needs to see you or your message on average SEVEN times before we...

How HBO’s Girls Broke New Ground


Sad news for my fellow Girls fans: the HBO show’s 6th season will be its last.

With the Golden Globe winner coming to an end, it's a good time to celebrate how it broke new ground for women’s television. That's why the millennial favorite is this week’s #Empowerista!