How to Make More Money

My next guest is Brittney Castro, the founder and CEO of Financially Wise Inc., a Los Angeles-based financial planning firm with a mission to teach the art of managing money the fun and simple way. She is a go-to resource for national media outlets, including, and you’re going to love her tips on helping female entrepreneurs thrive financially. 

Here’s the breakdown of my chat with Brittney:

[02:01] Brittney explains that money mindset (the way we think about money) is a bigger challenge for women. Women’s money mindset is tied heavily to society’s judgement, so we often overthink our decisions and what others will think.

[03:50] There is power in money, especially for entrepreneurs. Money is a tool for entrepreneurs, and something that should be viewed like any other tool for your business. You need to use it, understand it, and it can make your business run smoother.

[07:00] When you decide to take control of your finances, the first step is to make a plan for your money. Brittney explains that it’s important to clearly understand what your goals and values are, and to plan your money (as a tool) to help you get there.

[12:02] When is the right time to leave your job for full-time entrepreneurship? It’s a matter of knowing yourself. Brittney explains that “at some point, you just have to leap.”

[14:18] So often, people avoid knowing the amount they need to make. They might say an arbitrary amount like a million dollars, when they may actually need to make less to reach their goals. The quickest way to your income goal is to get clear on your number - what do you need to make for your expenses, lifestyle and goals - and be honest about it.

[17:00] Financial security doesn’t happen overnight. You have to plant seeds and nurture your money like a farm and wait for the harvest. It takes time.

[17:58] When you chase money, it never works. What works is “when you get into that idea that the money will always come, it puts you in a different state of consciousness.” Money loves to flow to those who know that money will come and to those that give their audience value.

[20:32] Brittney’s company, Financially Wise Inc. helps people get clear on their money goals, and make practical plans to reach those goals, all while educating clients about money and investing. It’s not just a money management firm; They also want to focus on empowerment and education.

[25:18] Brittney helped improve her own money mindset by focusing on giving, “when I’m focused on giving, I’m the most powerful.” If she’s unsure about something in her life, she thinks about how she can give something to someone: money, value or advice. It causes you to feel good and attract good things into your life.

[27:00] Brittney at one point feared her financial growth would be intimidating but finally realized that intimidating wasn’t negative. “If I’m not being me, I’m not going to be happy.”

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How to Make More Money

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