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Prior to my participation in the Women's March Los Angeles, a woman asked me: who doesn't believe women's rights are human rights? This is a valid question, so I wanted to answer it openly. It's important to start with:

Five Hidden Opportunities for Greater Success

copy-of-freshstart-4 Your entire life you’ve likely been surrounded by people who have adopted the traditional mindset of success, work and making money. They believe… Success = titles, accomplishments and raises Work = the hours between 9am and...

Women Empowering Women (Plus, Collab w/ GirlTalk)

img_2792 It boggles my mind when I see the media and some times individuals pitting women against each other. This way of thinking and seeing the world is not only unproductive, it's simply a big fat lie. It's rooted in the belief that life follows the zero sum rule, meaning...

Why you deserve your big dream

WhyYouDeserve Hi Empowerista, You have big goals and high standards, but every once and awhile fear and doubt creep in. Am I right?
“Who am I to deserve my big dreams?”
If that’s a thought you’ve had before, you’re not alone. It’s a common thought Empoweristas face. But since we’re...

Seven, the magic number for connecting

7 Ways to Connect “Tell me about yourself, and then tell me again, and then repeat it five more times, K?” No but really… It’s called the Marketing Rule of Seven!
It means someone needs to see you or your message on average SEVEN times before we...

Top 2015 #Empoweristas Break Barriers

Top10Viola From our 1st African-American female Sportsperson of the Year to the Hollywood gender gap becoming a mainstream issue, 2015 was a big year for women! In my latest #empowerista video segment for HerDaily, we celebrate the top 10 Empoweristas of the year breaking norms, records and barriers:

It’s Our Stories, NOT Our Ideas, That Make Us Original

Copy of freshstart(1) As a TV Host, I’m usually telling other people’s stories--how they reached success, what inspired them, obstacles in their way, etc. It’s fun and inspiring. But, I’ve always felt I’ve had my own stories to tell too. Stories about overcoming self-doubt, taking risks, and...

How an Attitude Adjustment Helped Me Book a National Commercial

blog5 Yesterday I filmed a national commercial that I was this close to not booking, simply because I almost didn’t attend the audition. I was frustrated with “cattle call” auditions and let my negative self-talk get the best of me, focusing on how the odds were against...