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Compete with legacy brands by being yourself with PackIt CEO, Melissa Kieling It all started with her kids’ lunch! Melissa Kieling the founder and CEO of PackIt (a cooler company) found a void in the marketplace when trying to keep her kids’ lunch cool. This Mom-Boss explains the inspiration behind her business and how she markets to the modern woman.

How to increase your social media engagement
How do you increase your engagement on social media?
The secret to increasing your engagement on social media is to be engaging.
What you give is what you get. Here are four ideas for giving more engagement which I promise will lead to receiving more as well. 

Using Your Voice

  Our voice is an expression of who we are through words - written, spoken, in-person and online.

Our voice is personal, powerful and vulnerable AF.

Because we all want to feel loved, worthy and like we matter. So it feels...

Biggest Missed Opportunity on Social Media

The key to growing your social media fans is twofold:

1) Great content 2) Interacting (likes + comments) with your tribe

Today I want to talk about point #1.

But first, quick tangent... notice I said fans not followers....


Prior to my participation in the Women's March Los Angeles, a woman asked me: who doesn't believe women's rights are human rights? This is a valid question, so I wanted to answer it openly. It's important to start with:

5 Steps to Your Complete + Compelling Story

copy-of-freshstart-3 Hi Empowerista! Telling your story seems like it should be easy. I mean, nobody knows you better than you, right? But, that’s exactly why it’s actually difficult. Because you just get

7 Lessons My Empowered Mom Taught Me

Mom My mom is a supermom. By the time she was my age (28ish) she had: both my sister and me, overcame several personal hardships, and quit her six figure job to start her own business. As I sip my latte in my quiet writing space with “producing...

How to build a following being you

Build-A-Following Hi Empowerista! Building a following (online or in person) comes down to: simply being you. How freeing and empowering is that?! I know, I know, easier said than done.... When it comes to people we don't know, we have a tendency to hide our authentic self. We're afraid of offending...

It’s Okay to Make a Controversial Post

Controversial-Post Hi Empowerista! You may have seen my post last week about Kim Kardashian. Before you tune me out, hear me out instead. I don’t choose Kim as a role model. And I wouldn’t make many of the choices she has made. But I did show her some support...